About Blackleaf 40

Blackleaf 40

Blackleaf 40 were formed from the human remnants of a multiple band soiree which took place in the town of Ayr, Scotland, early in the 21st Century.

United by a common love for great music, alcohol, food, and shiny things, we set out with a large bag of tasty covers to be kept alive for posterity. Many gigs later, the band remains essentially intact, with a few lineup changes along the way.

The urge to write and produce our own material has resulted in a growing collection of original songs, resulting in our debut album, Artificial bliss.

Everyone collaborates and contributes to the music, but it is the partnership of Alex Hood and Chad Rae, music and lyrics respectively, that has become the bedrock of our current sound.

"To infirmity and beyond"

None of us are spring chickens (except Julie), so we have no illusions of fame, fortune, or mudsharks, we just want to write, record, and play, and hopefully to engage a few folks enough to buy our music. We are trying to secure some festival slots and plan to arrange some showcase gigs to promote our stuff. We still enjoy hammering out some cool and eclectic covers at pub gigs and functions because it's fun.

Fun is good.

Out Now! Our debut album 'Artificial Bliss'

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Our debut album Artificial Bliss was written and recorded in various locations over the past year or so. It is an eclectic collection of songs that explore subjects that are familiar to many, love and loss, joy and despair, and life in general.

The main writing partnership of Alex and Chad has developed over the course of this project into a strong signature which, with contributions from all band members, has been a pivotal element in the evolution of this sound.

#1 - Lost & Found
#8 - Voices
#10 - Artificial Bliss

#3 - Drifter

#9 - Someone Good

Past events

The Ferry, Glasgow - 27 March 2016, 3pm.

the-ferry.co.uk, 01698 360085

The Farmers arms, Thornhill - 16 April 2016, 9pm.

Facebook/Farmersarmsthornhill, 01848 330190

The John Martyn Gathering, The Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw - 25th June, 3:30pm.

Greendragonhardraw.com, 01969 667392

Crumbs & cocktails, Smith St, Ayr - 6th Aug 2016, 9pm.

Facebook/crumbsncocktailsayr, 01292 611905

Ayrshire MS society charity gig, Carlton Hotel - 16th Sep 2016, 9pm.

Carlton-Prestwick.com, 01292 476811

Oktoberfest Beer Festival, Ayr Rugby Club - 8th Oct 2016, 7pm.

Facebook/LandOBurnsBerrFestival, 01292 441944

The Ferry, Glasgow - 23rd Oct 2016, 2pm.

the-ferry.co.uk, 01698 360085

Halloween Party, Village Hall, Dunure - 29th Oct 2016, 8pm.

facebook/Blackleaf40, 07525 759842

The Farmers arms, Thornhill - 3rd Dec 2016, 9pm.

Facebook/Farmersarmsthornhill, 01848 330190

King tuts, Glasgow - 23rd Dec 2016, 8pm.

www.kingtuts.co.uk, 0141 221 5279

Upcoming events

Scottish PF Conference, Teviot Row Union, Edinburgh - 13th May 2017, 8:30pm.

facebook/Blackleaf40, 07525 759842

Elliots, 132 Main St, Prestwick - 21st May 2017, 9pm.

facebook/Blackleaf40, 01292 677677

The Ferry, Glasgow - 11th June 2017, 2pm.

the-ferry.co.uk, 01698 360085

The John Martyn Gathering, Village Hall, Hackforth - 23rd June 2017, 8pm.

facebook/Blackleaf40, 07525 759842

Prestfest, The Red Lion, Prestwick - 5th Aug 2017, 9pm.

facebook/Blackleaf40, 07525 759842

The Dunure Festival of the sea, Dunure - 23rd Sep 2017, 8pm.

facebook/Blackleaf40, 07525 759842

The Ferry, Glasgow - 18th Mar 2018, 2pm.

the-ferry.co.uk, 01698 360085

The Seaforth Inn, Ullapool - 12th May 2018, 9pm.

theseaforth.co.uk, 01854 612122

Charity Fund raiser, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow - 26th May 2018, 8pm.

facebook/Ivory blacks, 07538 463752

Come and see us LIVE!